Global Spørgeskemaundersøgelse om medicinsk behandling af SLE/ Lupus

The Lupus Foundation of America er i gang med en spørgeskemaundersøgelse om medicinsk behandling af SLE/ Lupus.

Undersøgelsen er del af ALPHA projektet. ALPHA projektet søger ved hjælp af en global indsats at forbedre den medicinske behandling af mennesker med SLE/ Lupus

Spørgeskemaet er på engelsk og kan åbnes her:

Share Your Lupus Experience, Make your Voice Heard

  • Your voice has an important role in the fight against lupus. Now, you can take part in a global effort for people with lupus and share your experience with the disease, including challenges with managing lupus, accessing care and treatments, and experiences with research.
  • If you have lupus or are the parent of a child with lupus, we need your input. By sharing your experiences, or those of your child with lupus, you are helping a worldwide effort to address the current obstacles in lupus research, clinical care and access to care.
  • Your input is critical! Please take just a few minutes of your time to fill out this brief survey.

Der er mulighed for at deltage i spørgeskemaundersøgelsen indtil 6. december 2019


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