The Newsletter of LUPUS EUPROPE juni-09

The Newsletter of LUPUS EUROPE June 2009

Dear Friends,

As many of you will know, next week the EULAR conference will start in Copenhagen. During four days, the capital of Denmark will be the centre of Rheumatology in Europe, even the world.
LUPUS EUROPE will also be there. In this Newsflash, we would like to inform you about our actions.
Please spread the information among your members, we want to welcome all of you at our stand in Copenhagen.

We wish you pleasant reading.
Trustees of LUPUS EUROPE

For the first time, LUPUS EUROPE will be visible at EULAR at all times. We will have a stand in HALL C5, stand NP2, close to the Cyber Café, and across the aisle from EULAR Village. As this was made possible only recently, we could not inform you any sooner, sorry for that. LUPUS EUROPE will make sure leaflets are available to spread our message around Europe and further. Banners were made to attract people to our stand. And of course, the Board of Trustees will be there most of the time to inform interested visitors about our cause.
If you will attend EULAR, please bring any promotional material of your organisation to the stand. We will be happy to put it there for everyone to see, read or take out. As time is short, it might not be possible for you to send promotion materials from your organisation to Copenhagen by post if you are not attending the conference. Please, do ask your local post office, it might still be on time. If you do send any materials, please send it to

Kirsten Lerstrøm
Dyssevangen 24
DK-3520 Farum

While at EULAR, please stop by and pay us a visit. It will be wonderful to see you again.

*** Satellite Symposium at EULAR ***
European League Against Rheumatism

LUPUS EUROPE is very proud to present the Satellite Symposium on Lupus – Considering the Future, on Friday, 12th of June, at 17.30h, during the EULAR congress in Copenhagen, organised together with and by the support of UCB.

With Professor David Isenberg (UK) as chair, three prominent consultants will present important topics, relevant to people with lupus and their carers, and Kirsten Lerstrom (Denmark) will give a lecture from the patient’s perspective.

If you attend the EULAR Congress, you are most welcome to attend the Satellite Symposium. A report on the event will be distributed to all members after EULAR.

EULAR Congress this year has also brought more attention to Lupus/SLE, as besides our Satellite Symposium. It will be the topic of three business sessions - clinical trials, Best Practice and biology (relapse and remissions). Other lectures during the four days of Congress will also feature lupus/SLE.

Nele Caeyers, LUPUS EUROPE Secretary, will be chair at three sessions and giving two speeches. Kirsten Lerstrøm, LUPUS EUROPE Trustee, will also be speaking at a PARE session.

If you want to know more about this symposium, please contact the Secretary at or Kirsten Lerstrøm at

Further information on EULAR can be found on

*** Internet Survey for the Satellite Symposium at EULAR ***

As much as 435 people have filled in the online survey. Thank you all for this great response. Results will be discussed during the Satellite Symposium of LUPUS EUROPE at EULAR.

June 2009
Nele Caeyers