News Flash April Lupus Europe

Dear Friends,
Next week we hope to be in Porto to attend the European Lupus Meeting and present LUPUS EUROPE to specialists from all over Europe and beyond.
In many countries summertime started this weekend, a good time to ask you about light. Please answer the question that you also received in an email and read the April NewsFlash. We wish you pleasant reading.

Trustees of LUPUS EUROPE
*** Survey “Living with Lupus” Abstracts submitted ***
Four abstracts have been filed:

1. “Disease symptoms and coping strategies in patients with lupus”
8th European Lupus Meeting, Porto – Apr 7-9 2011
(based on the combined European and US results of the 2009 survey) Accepted for poster presentation
The poster presentation will be given by Vice Chair Kirsten Lerstrøm. The abstract will be published in LUPUS

2. “Disease symptoms, treatment satisfaction and coping strategies in patients with lupus “
International Society of Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research – ISPOR – 16th International Meeting, Baltimore, MD – May 21-25 2011
Accepted for poster presentation on May 23rd by co-author Mary Crimmings, Lupus Foundation of America.

3. “Impact of lupus on fatigue, health-related Quality of life and work productivity”
Medical and research professionals, EULAR Congress 2011, May 25-28 2011

4. “Developing a patient-driven survey to examine the impact of lupus”
PARE, EULAR Congress 2011, May 25-28 2011 Submitted

Further information on these abstracs contact Kirsten Lerstrøm